LYCOBIO LIMITED | Wuhai Lyco Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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We LYCOBIO are a chinese leading organic fertilizer manufactuer.Our factory is located in Inner Mongolia with size 25000 square meters. Lycobio has 2 brandsLYCOBIO 华春泥,VEGOCHEM 维高科.With 8 years research and production experience,lycobio products maintain a good quality and good reputation.We help farmers increase the agricultural output,solve the residue problem.

We LYCOBIO produce Humic Acid,Sodium Humate,Potassium Humate,Ammonium Humate, Potassium Fulvate,Sodium Fulvate,fulvic acid,compound amino acid,amino acid chelates,seaweed extract,compound fertilizer,black urea,premix feed additives and compound humic acid fertilizer. Its products are used in agricultural fertilizer,feed additive, most of the aquaculture farms (e.g., fish, shrimp, etc.), Petroleum drilling fluid decreasing and filtering agent, Cementing agent for pulverized coal shaping, Ceramic pug additive. Its products not only have good reputation at home, but also export to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

We LYCOBIO are looking forward to building long-term and stable relationships with customers, together creating a bright future.

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