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    super potassium humate organic humus fertilizer

    FOB Price:US $630 - 1,000 / Ton ;Min.Order Quantity:5 Ton/Tons;Supply Ability:78 Ton/Tons per Month;Port:SHANGHAI,CHINA;Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union;Packaging & DeliveryPacka

    1. Detailed information
    FOB Price:US $630 - 1,000 / Ton ;
    Min.Order Quantity:5 Ton/Tons;
    Supply Ability:78 Ton/Tons per Month;
    Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union;


    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details25Kg Paper Bag, 25Kg PP Bag, 1Kg Aluminum Bag, 500mg Aluminum bag, 250mg Aluminum Bag, 62.5g Water soluble bag, 8g Water soluble bag or according to customer requirement
    Delivery Time25 Days

    Organic humus fertilizer Super Potassium humate 


    Appearance: Shining black column 
    Diameter: 3mm, Length: 2-5mm 
    Water-solubility (dry base): 100% 
    Humic acid (dry base): 50-75% 
    Potassium content (K2O): 8-10% 
    pH: 9-11

    2) Package: 10kg/PP. Woven bag or 25kg/kraft paper bag 
       Storage: In sealed and damp-proof place. 


    1. Used as organic potash fertilizer. 
    Using potassium humate solution to spray, seed soak, dip root or apply it with other fertilizer, it can improve plant trunk content of potassium ratio and absorbing potassium amount, reduce the bad effect caused by chemical potassium fertilizer remain anion in the soil, and improve quality of agricultural products. 

    2. Compound with Urea(N. ) and P. To Humic Acid organic inorganic compounded fertilizer. 

    3. As main component for organic inorganic liquid fertilizer. 
    Using this kind of Liquid fertilizer, can improve crop absorbing utilization rate of fertilizer, enhance crop output, modify crop quality; Owing to synthetic physiology function of Humic Acid, it can improve 5-7% of vitamin and containing sugar quantity of crop, and enhance anti-disease ability of crop, reduce using of pesticide; It also can modify soil physical and chemical character, increase soil hold water feature and breathe freely feature. So it's the first choice green fertilizer currently for zoology agriculture.

    4. Mix with other inorganic fertilizer to solid rinse fertilizer

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